Holiday Clarinet Specials!

Happy holidays from the clarinet department at MMI! If you are looking to buy that talented student or special someone a clarinet this holiday season we have the deals for you! We have a limited selection of open box inventory at a fantastic price! The professional model instruments have been set-up by our expert repair technicians and play tested for fine tuning by our clarinet specialist. A value of $450 and at NO COST to you. You can rest assure that you have a truly wonderful instrument.

Buffet E11 Bb Clarinet- $1000/$970

Buffet R13 silver-plated keys Bb Clarinet - $3512/$3410

Buffet Tradition nickel-plated keys Bb Clarinet - $3502/$3400

Buffet R13 Prestige Bb Clarinet -  $5047/$4900
Buffet RC Prestige Bb Clarinet - $5047/$4900
Buffet Legende Bb Clarinet - $5356/$5200

Buffet R13 nickel-plated keys A Clarinet - $3399/$3300

Buffet Festival A Clarinet - $4326/$4200

Yamaha CSGII Bb Clarinet - $3142/$3050

Selmer Presence Bb Clarinet - $2914/$2800

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