Clarinet Setup at MMI

MMI Customized Clarinet Setup:

Did you know that we put extra time and care into each instrument we sell? Learn more about our custom clarinet setup.

MMI specializes in working with world renowned clarinetists to hand-select our professional line of clarinets. 100s of clarinets are played and we look for the following qualities in selecting the best:

•         Tonal center with a consistent tone throughout a wide dynamic range

•         Evenness in response and resistance in all ranges of the scale

•         Exceptional tuning throughout all ranges, especially the throat tones

Once selected the clarinets are then setup by our repair technicians that have over 30 years of combined experience working on woodwinds. The customized MMI setup includes:

•         Resurface tone holes to eliminate possible fuzzy notes

•         Upgrade select pads to Valentino Masters, cork and/or leather

•         Reseat and level pads and bumpers as needed

•         Key fitting (remove lost motion)

•         Key height adjustment

•         Spring tension adjustment

Other companies charge extra for the setup of a new instrument. We are offering the setup at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. Our setup includes 3-4 hours worth of work valued at $450 and to you it is free.

Instrument selection assistance:

Need assistance when selecting an instrument?

We have the unique ability to assist you in selecting instruments. It is a daunting task to play through dozens of instruments to find the right fit. We are confident in our ability to search through our inventory and find the right fit for you. When we select instruments at the factory we keep an open mind of the needs of various players and levels. When you are ready to trial instruments we ask simple questions about your current mouthpiece setup, what you like and dislike about your current instrument and what you hope to achieve in your performance. We listen to your concerns and provide solutions based on our years of experience.

If you are interested in playing through several clarinets to find the right one, we are happy to host you at our store location where you can play through many instruments in our recital hall!

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