Thank you for attending our grand opening celebration!

I would like to extend a very heartfelt thank you to everyone that came to our grand opening celebration! For those of you that came, emailed, sent flowers or called with your best wishes, we are extremely grateful. Below are some photos from the event.

A big thank you again to our generous sponsors/vendors: Buffet-Crampon, Fox Products, Loree, Puchner, Heckel, D'Addario, Peak, and Clark Fobes.

We look forward to many more events and please keep an eye on our calendar for updates!

Best wishes,
Jessica Nelson, General Manager

Owner and founder, Mike Aamoth gets a thumbs up after the Friday night reception from long-time customer, David Braslau.

Katie with customers at the Friday night reception.

Friday night reception.

Friday night reception.


Friday night reception.

Eric thanks a customer after work in the repair shop.

Our first customer during the celebration on Friday!! Jessica with her friend and oboist, Siri Garnaas

Friday was repair technician, Matt Reich's birthday! We surprised him with a cake.

Julie Gramolini William, Chris Marshall, and Greg Williams, of the MN Orchestra during their trio performance

Tim Zavadil, Chris Marshall, Julie Gramolini Williams, and Greg Williams (all from MN Orchestra) after their half of Friday night's recital.

Some of the MMI staff take a photo break before getting Friday night's reception ready! L-R: Jessica, Jeff, Steven, Caleb, Ginny, Eric. Front--Tori

MN Orchestra and Musical Offering members John Snow, Norbert Nielubowski, and Susan Billmeyer perform their trio at the Friday night recital.

Saturday's first seminar was Laurie Merz teaching how to fix your bassoon reed.

Ginny and Eric are teaching customers tricks and hints on repairing their instruments.

Brandon's family came to visit him during Saturday's celebration! Rita had fun with the balloons. =)

Jeff gave a seminar on oboe reeds.

Mark Kelley taught us "how to sing through your instrument" using various recordings.

Joe Peters and Gabriel Campos Zamora, both of MN Orchestra gave a lovely recital Saturday afternoon. It was a full house as you can see we had to sit people behind them on the stage!!

Drum roll, please! Gabriel draws for the winner of the Tradition clarinet sponsored by Buffet. L-R: Gabriel, Jessica, Al Manascalco (Buffet Crampon), and Tori

Jonathan is the winner of a brand new clarinet! L-R: Gabriel, Jessica, Jonathan, Al, Tori.

The reception after the drawing for the clarinet.

Our final performance on Saturday was the Atlantis Quartet.