A new selection of Lorees has arrived!

loree-c3-akJust in time for the arrival of spring, we have a wide selection of brand new Loree Regular Royal and AK standard oboes in stock and ready for trials! These oboes are just in from Paris and have been set-up and play tested by our repair team and oboe specialists.  These are truly wonderful horns.

Now through the end of May 2014, if you purchase an instrument with us we'll be happy to offer a shipping rebate on your purchase!

Loree has long been the industry standard for orchestral performance. In 1881, François Lorée, the ex-foreman of Triebert, founded his own oboe factory. His son, Lucien took over the firm at his death in 1902.

Supported by Georges Gillet, teacher at the Paris Conservatoire, Lucien Lorée modernized the oboe and realized several inventions. The famous "Conservatory Plateau System" was one of these, and in 1906 it was quickly adopted by soloists around the world. Instrument manufacturer Raymond Dubois acquired the firm in 1925 but Lucien Loree still took an active part in production. Robert de Gourdon, Mr. Dubois’ son-in-law, joined the firm in 1935, and had the opportunity to work in close cooperation with Lucien Lorée. In 1967, Robert de Gourdon began to share his knowledge and expertise with his son, Alain, now chairman of the firm.

Combining musicality, reliability and beauty, "Le Royal" was created in 1989. The Royal oboes are the leading choice of many orchestral musicians in the United States. Being a thick-walled instrument, the resonance chamber is larger and thus the resulting sound is more rich with a substantial color palette.  These instruments create a deep, rounded tone.  The AK model, a thin-walled oboe, is another choice by many orchestral musicians.  The bore in the top joint is smaller which results in slightly more resistance and a higher pitch.  Many oboists love the AK for its sweet timbre and projection.

Whether you're a student looking for your first full-conservatory oboe, a budding professional looking to upgrade, or a professional looking for your next great oboe - we have an array of Lorees that will fit your needs.  You can rest assured that our instruments are kept under the best care possible.  Our oboe specialists take the time to look after the instruments almost daily to ensure that by the time they arrive to you they are in their best possible playing and performing condition.  All regulations, adjustments, and play-tests are completed during pre-trial.  Our oboe specialists set-up the adjustments, and our repair team to checks to make sure no leaks have developed in transit, all pads are seated correctly, and that all mechanisms are functioning properly.  We want you to know that our instruments receive the finest attention to detail while in the shop.

Jeff and Steven are always in the oboe department and are here to answer your questions.  Give them a call at 800.926.5587 to inquire about trial procedures and availability!

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