Lorée and Rigotti Oboe Tube Cane

We're pleased to announce the arrival of new batches of Rigotti and Lorée oboe tube cane!  Two of our most popular brands of tube cane, the Lorée and the Rigotti cane are extremely consistent from batch to batch and provide reeds with warmth and stability.  We find little variation between batches - most of the cane is very straight, golden in color, light modeling, and easy to work with.  We continue to work very closely with our vendors to provide our customers with the best quality cane.  Each batch is hand sorted by our oboe specialists to ensure quality control.

Visit our webstore to order today or give us a call in the shop at 800.926.5587.

Still have additional questions regarding our tube cane selection?  Visit the Tube Cane Guide for a detailed description of all the varieties we carry.  And remember, Jeff and Steven are always in the shop to answer any additional questions you may  have!

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