New Buffet R13 Clarinets are here!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our latest batch of Buffet-Crampon clarinets.  We have new R13 Bb clarinets with both Nickel and Silver keys, the new E12 France Bb clarinet and a few R13 A clarinets too.

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R13 Bb Clarinets

BuffetR-13clarinetThis clarinet is one of Buffet Crampon’s historic models. Created in 1955 by Robert Carrée, the R13 clarinet was a big hit in the United States and still meets with unprecedented success. Its tone is focused and rich, and it is powerful in all registers. Its flexibility lends itself to all repertoires: symphonies or chamber music, soloists, teachers, military bands, students or amateurs. Current Bb clarinet stock includes: S#634680 - Nickel Keys S#636044 - Nickel Keys S#634729 - Nickel Keys S#650657 - Nickel Keys S#650658 - Nickel Keys S#650672 - Nickel Keys S#650684 - Nickel Keys S#650699 - Nickel Keys S#650705 - Nickel Keys S#651156 -  Nickel Keys S#651604 - Nickel Keys S#651617 - Nickel Keys S#635830 - Silver Keys S#645878 - Silver Keys S#649075 - Silver Keys S#649077 - Silver Keys S#650152 - Silver Keys S#650161 - Silver Keys Current R13 A Clarinet stock: S#648431 - Nickel Keys S#650787 - Nickel Keys S#633998 - Silver Keys

E12 France Bb Clarinets

SETTING NEW STANDARDS TOUGH AND RELIABLE. EASY TO PLAY WITH ACCURATE INTONATION, ADAPTED FROM PROFESSIONAL MODELS Developed through industrial synergy between our Research & Development arm and our Production facilities based in France and Germany, the new E12F student clarinet comes onto the European market in time for the start of the school year in September 2012. Its body is derived from professional models and made in Buffet Crampon’s French workshops; the key assembly and quality control are carried out by our German teams in Markneukirchen. Ease of play, reliability, and accurate tuning are the main characteristics of this new Buffet Crampon clarinet. The E12F: setting new standards for young musicians. It comes with a lightweight ergonomic backpack fitted with extra side pockets. STRONG POINTS • LEATHER PADS TO GUARANTEE AIRTIGHTNESS. • CAREFULLY SELECTED AND STABILIZED GRENADILLA WOOD. • THE WOOD IS COVERED WITH A COLOURLESS VARNISH TO PROTECT AGAINST CRACKS AND SCRATCHES. • HOMOGENEOUS THROUGHOUT ITS RANGE, THIS INSTRUMENT’S SOUND QUALITY IS UNMATCHED AT THIS PRICE LEVEL Please contact Brandon at 1-800-926-5587 (Local) 612-331-4717 or brandon(at) for more info.

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