Gift ideas for the bassoonist in your life

We don't sell many "kitschy" things here at MMI. We prefer to focus on the practical tools, materials, and references that a bassoonist needs to make music. So when looking for gifts for the bassoonist in your life you're not going to find bassoon neckties, tree ornaments, bassoon statues, or t-shirts. Not that there's anything wrong with those things, but if you're a non-bassoonist overwhelmed with a wide variety of tools and accessories you don't know anything about (and that's totally okay) but want to give a bassoon related gift, here are some suggestions on what many bassoonists will be quite thankful to receive in the gift-giving season.For advanced bassoonists that are starting to learn to make or adjust their own reeds, there are a number of tools that are a fine addition to any tool collection, even if the player has already started in the reed making process. The number one thing that any reed maker needs is a quality knife.

The Medir knives, pictured above, are a high quality knife with beautiful exotic wood handle. If you want to step up the quality even more, the Landwell knives are some of the highest quality knives on the market, just make sure you know if the bassoonist is right or left handed.


If you want to see the brightest smile on a young bassoonists face, this reed making kit of all professional grade tools is ideal for bassoonists even into college performance programs. Don't worry too much about redundancy in an already established reed making kit, it's handy to have a spares of some of these tools in travel kits.


If your favorite bassoonist is a bit of a bookworm, or a history buff, or just wants to expand his or her collection of bassoon related literature, Maarten Vonk's book A Bundle of Joy is a must-have reference book for any bassoonist's collection.


For the style conscious bassoonist, these new designer/boutique seat straps, made right here in Minneapolis under the brand "Mumsy Dear", are a way to express a little personality every time they set up to play.


We're in the front end of the winter months, when temperatures are low and humidity is even lower. This can cause a problem for wood bassoons that is easily solved by a small little humidifying device. Popular with oboists for years now, we have now added a larger sized Humistat appropriate for a bassoon case to our selection of maintenance items. Inexpensive, but very useful especially for people that live in northern states.


If none of these gifts seem quite right, and you can't find anything else in our store catalog, you can always call one of our bassoon specialists for more ideas, or get a gift certificate, redeemable for any purchase made in our online store.

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