New Howarth Oboes and English Horns - Savings Extended!

Howarths40cFor the month of October, we're pleased to offer special savings on all new Howarth oboes and English horns!  The English made oboes have gained steady success in the United States for their velvety tone and rich sound.  New Howarths have just arrived to the shop and we're pleased to offer savings up $1,100 through the end of the month!  Contact Jeff or Steven in the Oboe Department at 800.926.5587 for current pricing, specials, and availability.

We stock the following models of Howarth Oboes and English horns:

Howarth s40c VT - intermediate, 'graduate' level instrument which is full conservatory with the exception of the split-D ring key in the right hand.  These oboes come with the 'velvet lining' in the top joint which significantly reduces the risk of cracking.  Perfect oboe for aspiring oboists and amateurs alike.

Howarth s50c VT - The first of the full conservatory level oboes by Howarth - full key work including all auxiliary trill keys.  These oboes also have the 'velvet lining' in the top joint to reduce the risk of cracking.  Perfect instrument for all levels of playing!

Howarth S5 - the thin-walled, fully professional level oboe which has full conservatory keywork.  These oboes have a rich color palette and are known for their very fluid-like sound.  These instruments are made of Grenadilla wood.

Howarth XL - the thick-walled, fully professional level oboe which has full conservatory keywork.  These oboes have come to great acclaim in the United States and can be heard in many professional orchestras around the world!  They have a characteristic full-bodied sound and great projection.  Perfect for the aspiring professionals who need a 'big' oboe sound.

Howarth S5 & XL English horns - both professional level English horns, grenadilla wood.  These English horns are stellar instruments.  The XL includes the low-Bb extension and Howarth XL bocals.

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