Save the Minnesota Orchestra!


As most are aware, here in Minnesota we're facing the decimation of one of our most beloved treasures - the Minnesota Orchestra.  We are entering Month 11, almost an entire year, since the management locked out our musicians and has fractured the very cultural soul of the Twin Cities.  As professional musicians ourselves and having collaborated with the musicians of the of the MN Orchestra, we are in full support of ending the lock out and restoring the once great Minnesota Orchestra.  We're also nearing the September 15th deadline that was presented by music director (and MMI customer) Osmo Vanska, threatening to resign his position as Music Director in the event the lock-out is not ended. Show your solidarity and support for our locked-out musicians with the purchase of buttons, t-shirts, window-decals, and lawn-signs with all proceeds going to the Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra. Whether you're a Twin Cities local or somewhere across the country or even world - we ask that you take a moment to weigh in and help us end the lockout.   Remember, an orchestra is more than just the musicians that perform - it's the sum of the whole.  Talented musicians, a community of classical music lovers, patrons, schools and children alike.  We, as a community, can save this orchestra!

Thank you for taking the time.


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Jessica, Trent, Jeff, Steven, Brandon, Matt, & Eric


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