Save on Instrument and Bocal Trials!

Save on instrument and bocal trials!  Now through the end of May, if you purchase an instrument or bocal through us, we will refund your instrument trial shipping charge.  Please call our instrument specialists to set up a trial and for further information.

We currently have a great selection of new and used instruments available with Special Spring Prices!

F.Loree oboes - Standards & Royals (regular and AKs) now on special

Fox 333 oboes - Fox's Protege model, beginner plastic oboes

Fox 240 Bassoons - The Fox Renard (short Bore), one of the most popular selling bassoons on the market!

Wolf s2000 & Wolf 2000+ Bassoons - These hand-crafted, German made bassoons are gaining popularity.  In stock and on special!

Yamaha CSG Bb Clarinet

Bliss Bb Clarinets

Yamaha 221 and 321 Flutes

Yamaha 875 EXHG Soprano Saxophone


Other special instrument pricing available - contact our instrument specialists for further details

Whatever your instrument or bocal needs, we're here to help.  We're pleased to stock a wide selection of new and used oboes, bassoons, clarinets, and saxophones as well as a vast selection of new and used bocals for Bassoon and English horn!

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