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Thinking about buying a new instrument or interested in renting? Midwest Musical Imports offers instrument trials, hassle-free rentals, warranties, and a generous return policy.

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Instrument Trials

At Midwest Musical Imports, we want you to try an instrument at home before purchasing!

Buying a musical instrument is not the same as buying a new t-shirt.
Choosing a musical instrument is a complicated task. If you’re shopping online, most websites don’t give you any more information than they would if you were shopping for new clothes. At Midwest Musical Imports, we never recommend purchasing an instrument sight unseen or unheard. Even in person, most music stores only allow you to try an instrument while you’re inside the store. This makes it difficult to have a thorough experience and really determine what instrument is right for you.

Consider instrument differences
There are lots of things you should consider when shopping for a new or used musical instrument. These factors range from sound quality, projection, break-in period, durability, resale value and of course cost. For more information, check out our guides about choosing new instruments.

Seek out a music store that lets you tryout instruments
Midwest Musical Imports offers a trial period on all instruments, new or used. During the trial period, you can try up to three instruments at a time for up to a week. This extended trial period really allows you to compare and determine what instrument best suits your needs.

Get feedback, ask for advice, and trust your gut
During the trial, we recommend getting lots of feedback about the instruments you are trying. If you’re a student, or the parent of an aspiring performer, consider meeting with your teacher during the trial to get a professional opinion about the instrument. Play the instrument for your friends and family and ask for their feedback. You might even want to make a recording using the instruments you are trying. That way, you can focus completely on the instrument’s tone, projection and overall sound quality. Remember, choosing an instrument is a personal decision and ultimately it comes down to you.

Enlist the help of an expert
The woodwind experts at Midwest Musical Imports understand that buying a new instrument can be overwhelming. Our woodwind specialists are here to guide you along in the process and answer any questions you may have. If you are interested in coordinating an instrument trial, please contact Midwest Musical Imports at 800-926-5587.

Concerned about returning a trial instrument?
Don’t worry, we’ve got resources for you to make sure you properly pack your instrument for return shipping.

Trial Policies

We offer a one week trial for new or used instruments. The one-week policy helps us accommodate all of our customers (an extension may be available). Up to three oboes, three English horns, two bassoons, or four bocals can be tried at one time, in order to compare different models or to pick the best particular instrument of one model. A valid credit card is needed to secure the trial. For your convenience, we do not require a security deposit or a hold on your card for the full value of the instrument, but we do require a reference from a teacher or colleague. For security purposes, we also require that instrument trials are shipped to the billing address of the credit card. All shipping charges are to be paid by the customer, whether or not an instrument is purchased. You may try as many instruments as you like, as long as you are willing to pay the shipping charges. We do our best to keep our trial shipping rates as low as possible and may be the lowest in the industry. Please call us for current shipping rates for instrument and bocal trials. If you do not use our return service, you must insure instruments for their full value when returning them to our shop. Trial period extensions are sometimes possible if you are having trouble making the final decision. Please note that sometimes, there is a waiting list for certain instruments that are in high demand (especially used instruments). If you decide to purchase an instrument, payment can be made by credit card (MC, VISA, Discover, American Express), check, or money order. We do not allow trials outside of the U.S. Please call MMI at 800-926-5587 for further information.
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Return Policies & Warranties

Accessory Return & Exchange Policy

We want you to be happy with everything you purchase from us! If an item is not satisfactory, it can be returned for a credit or exchange within 14 days, provided it has not been altered, damaged or used. Knives that have been sharpened, sharpening stones that have been used, and half-processed tube cane are examples of things that cannot be returned. The return policy includes all accessory items except tube cane, shaper tips, sheet music, non-defective processed cane and reeds (which cannot be returned for health reasons). Of course, any defective product can be returned. For orders sent outside the U.S. or Canada, we cannot accept returns – all sales are final.

Warranty on New Instruments

MMI provides a 2-year crack and 1-year adjustment warranty for all new oboes, English horns, and clarinets, and a 2-year warranty for all new bassoons. An MMI warranty covers all necessary repairs and routine maintenance during normal wear of the instrument. These repairs include, but are not limited to: crack repair, pad replacement, tuning, re-corking, and mechanism adjustments. Repairs necessary due to abuse, negligence, or incompetent repairs done by outside repair shops are not covered under the warranty. The warranty is only applicable to the original owner of the instrument. All repairs must be done at MMI or the manufacturer’s location, unless authorized by MMI. Failure to do this may void the warranty. Please call MMI at 800-926-5587 before sending instruments in for repair to the manufacturer or to our shop. Shipping costs to MMI are to be paid by the customer, and MMI will pay for the shipping costs to return the instrument during the first 6 months after purchase. Insurance costs are the owner’s responsibility. Please allow at least one or two weeks for repairs. If repair work is being done under warranty, we can offer a rental instrument at half the normal monthly rate, pro-rated to the repair (depending on availability). Turnaround times vary, but we do our best to return instruments as quickly as possible.

Extended Warranty Policy

In addition to the current warranties on the purchase of new instruments, we are now offering the following:

  • Additional 1-year: $270
  • Additional 2-year: $525

These extended warranties are only available at the time of purchase of new instruments.
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Instrument Rentals

Midwest Musical Imports rents instruments for professionals as well as beginners. The length of the rental period can vary from a few days to a year or more. No hidden fees! All of the rental rates listed include routine maintenance due to normal wear and tear of the instrument. (Abuse/neglect is not covered.) We have a wide variety of rental instruments to fit any musician’s needs and budget.  Although we try our best, we cannot guarantee the availability of specific rental instruments.  Please call MMI at 800-926-5587 or email us for pricing and availability. Instruments in rental inventory:

Buffet and Selmer Beginner Oboes, monthly rates from $40-$55
Fossati, Fox, Howarth, and Yamaha Intermediate Oboes, monthly rates from $95-$130
Buffet, Fossati, Fox, Loree and Yamaha Professional Oboes, monthly rates from $145-$270

English horn
Fossati, Fox, and Howarth Intermediate English horns, monthly rates from $195-$250
Buffet, Fossati, Fox, and Howarth Professional English horns, monthly rates from $240-$275

Oboe d’amore/Bass Oboe
Loree Oboe d’Amore rents for $350/month Loree Bass Oboe rents for $475/month

Adler, Fox, and Takeda Bassoons, monthly rates from $70-$260
We do not currently have a contrabassoon on our rental program.

Selmer, Jupiter, Powell and Yamaha Flutes, monthly rates from $35-$175
Yamaha Piccolos, monthly rates from $35-75 Jupiter Bass Flute rents for $150/month

Clarinet (Bb, A, Eb, and Bass)
Buffet, Jupiter, Leblanc, and Yamaha Intermediate Clarinets, monthly rates from $25-$45
Buffet Professional Clarinets, monthly rates from $95-$120

Saxophone (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone)
Buffet, Selmer, and Yamaha Saxophones, monthly rates from $35-$160

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Payment Options

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express as well as personal and certified checks. Please allow 1-2 weeks (shipping delay) for processing personal checks. We also offer a financing program for accessories or instrument purchases through GE Capital. Please call us at 800-926-5587 for more information regarding the GE Capital program.

For international orders (excluding Canada), we can no longer accept credit cards as a method of payment. International instrument and bocal orders must be paid in full by wire transfer in advance of shipping the instrument, any wire transfer fees are the responsibility of the customer. All international sales are final (call or e-mail for details).
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Instrument Appraisals

For a $25 fee, MMI will supply a letter for insurance purposes, which states the replacement value of an instrument. This service is free for instruments purchased through MMI.

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Selling Used Instruments & Accessories on Consignment

Please feel free to call and discuss the possibility of selling your used oboe, bassoon, flute, clarinet, or saxophone through our consignment program. We list all of our consignment instruments on our website. Miscellaneous items, including shapers/tips, cases, bassoon and English horn bocals, can also be sold on consignment. Please call 800-926-5587 for more information and our commission rates!
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Customer Privacy

MMI takes privacy and data protection issues seriously. We do not sell or give away any your email address or private information. Our online shopping cart uses the most advanced encrypted security features, so you can be assured of a safe online shopping experience. If you would like to stop receiving email or mailings from us, please contact us by phone, email or mail to be removed from future mailings.
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