Return Policies and Warranties

Accessory Return & Exchange Policy

We want you to be happy with everything you purchase from us! If an item is not satisfactory, it can be returned for a credit or exchange within 14 days, provided it has not been altered, damaged or used. Knives that have been sharpened, sharpening stones that have been used, and half-processed tube cane are examples of things that cannot be returned. The return policy includes all accessory items except tube cane, shaper tips, sheet music, non-defective processed cane and reeds (which cannot be returned for health reasons). Of course, any defective product can be returned. For orders sent outside the U.S. or Canada, we cannot accept returns – all sales are final.

Warranty on New Instruments

MMI provides a 2-year crack and 1-year adjustment warranty for all new oboes, English horns, and clarinets, and a 2-year warranty for all new bassoons. An MMI warranty covers all necessary repairs and routine maintenance during normal wear of the instrument. These repairs include, but are not limited to: crack repair, pad replacement, tuning, re-corking, and mechanism adjustments. Repairs necessary due to abuse, negligence, or incompetent repairs done by outside repair shops are not covered under the warranty. The warranty is only applicable to the original owner of the instrument. 

All repairs must be done at MMI or the manufacturer’s location, unless authorized by MMI. Failure to do this may void the warranty. Please call MMI at 800-926-5587 before sending instruments in for repair to the manufacturer or to our shop. 

Shipping costs to MMI are to be paid by the customer, and MMI will pay for the shipping costs to return the instrument during the first 6 months after purchase. 

Insurance costs are the owner’s responsibility. Please allow at least one or two weeks for repairs. If repair work is being done under warranty, we can offer a rental instrument at half the normal monthly rate, pro-rated to the repair (depending on availability). Turnaround times vary, but we do our best to return instruments as quickly as possible.

Extended Warranty Policy

In addition to the current warranties on the purchase of new instruments, we are now offering the following:

  • Additional 1-year: $270
  • Additional 2-year: $525

These extended warranties are only available at the time of purchase of new instruments.

Thank you MMI for all the knowledge, care and wonderful service you have provided for so many of us over the years! You are an invaluable resource for musicians everywhere!