Informational Resources

The staff at Midwest Musical Imports has extensive experience performing and teaching on our respective instruments, in addition to the sales we do every day. In order to help you make better decisions on your instrument, bocal, reed making, and reed purchases, we have written a number of helpful articles to make you a more informed consumer.

We are always adding to the informational resources below, so check back often, Like us on Facebook or add our RSS feed to your reader to get the latest information.

Events Calendar
You can also find music news, information, and store happenings at theĀ Midwest Musical Imports blog
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Oboe and English Horn Resources
Choosing the Right Oboe, Oboe Reed-Making Basics, English Horn bocal information, and more.

Bassoon Resources
Choosing the Right Bassoon, Bassoon Keywork, Heckel Bocal Information, Reed Tips, and more.

Clarinet Resources
Choosing the Right Clarinet, Clarinet Mouthpieces and Ligature information, Reed Information, and more.

Concerned about shipping your precious instrument? Here is our guide for safely shipping your woodwind to us for repair or after a trial.

I definitely plan to send my oboe to the repair techs at MMI in the future. I don't think my oboe has played this well since I've purchased it!