Instrument Rentals

Midwest Musical Imports offers instrument rentals for professionals as well as beginners. The length of the rental period can vary from a few days to a year or more.

No hidden fees! All of the rental rates listed include routine maintenance due to normal wear and tear of the instrument. (Abuse/neglect is not covered.) We have a wide variety of rental instruments to fit any musician’s needs and budget.  Although we try our best, we cannot guarantee the availability of specific rental instruments.

Please call MMI at 800-926-5587 or email us for pricing and availability.

Instruments in rental inventory:

Oboe Rentals

  • Buffet and Selmer Beginner Oboes, monthly rates from $40-$55
  • Fossati, Fox, Howarth, and Yamaha Intermediate Oboes, monthly rates from $95-$130
  • Buffet, Fossati, Fox, Loree and Yamaha Professional Oboes, monthly rates from $145-$270

English Horn Rentals

  • Fossati, Fox, and Howarth Intermediate English horns, monthly rates from $195-$250
  • Buffet, Fossati, Fox, and Howarth Professional English horns, monthly rates from $240-$275

Oboe d’amore/Bass Oboe Rentals

  • Loree Oboe d’Amore rents for $350/month Loree Bass Oboe rents for $475/month

Bassoon Rentals

  • Adler, Fox, and Takeda Bassoons, monthly rates from $70-$260

We do not currently have a contrabassoon on our rental program.

Clarinet Rentals (Bb, A, Eb, and Bass)

  • Buffet, Jupiter, Leblanc, and Yamaha Intermediate Clarinets, monthly rates from $25-$55
  • Buffet Professional Clarinets, monthly rates from $115-$375

Saxophone Rentals (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone)

  • Buffet, Selmer, and Yamaha Saxophones, monthly rates from $35-$175

Flute/Piccolo Rentals

  • Selmer, Jupiter and Yamaha Flutes, monthly rates from $35-$175
  • Yamaha Piccolos, monthly rates from $35


If you’d like to rent an instrument that is not listed, please call us at 800-926-5587 or email us.

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