Oboe Reed Making Basics

An integral part of any successful oboists’ life is undoubtedly having a ‘good’ reed (good being a completely subjective adjective). Whether you’re a professional buying supplies for your own reed-making or a student just starting out, Midwest Musical Instruments stocks a wide variety of oboe reed-making supplies that will assist you along your quest for […]

Cane Processing Overview

Reed-making is a lifetime process for any oboist out there, and when it comes time to start processing your own cane, it can almost double the workload! Whether you’re a professional processing your own cane for yourself and/or students or you’re an aspiring oboist learning your way around cane processing, we would like to provide […]

I recently purchased a Buffet R13 from Midwest Musical Imports. The entire process was incredible. Clarinet specialist, Tori Okwabi, was so professional and thorough throughout eve... read more >