Bassoon Care series: Swabs and caring for wood

In the next coming weeks I’ll be offering some basic care tips for bassoonists. Following some basic care procedures can greatly enhance the look of your instrument and improve the performance of your bassoon between regular visits to your repair technician. Swabbing your instrument after every playing session (or within a longer playing session) is […]


Repairing extreme wood damage in a bassoon boot joint

We recently encountered a student bassoon that had an extremely bad case of rot in the boot joint. Here are some pictures of the affected area when we received the instrument and after our repair tech Matt was done with replacing the rotted section of the boot and cleaning up the bracket. The bore has […]


Repair Tips: Oboe Adjustment Screws

If you play the oboe or any or any instrument with adjustment screws, and you are not trained in proper adjustment techniques, I would advise against fixing or turning them on your own.  It is easy to turn a small problem into a larger one with the slightest turn of a screw (this includes all […]

Repair Tips: Oboe Octave Vents

If you are experiencing excessive water in your octave vents on your oboe, we have something that may help!  When you bring your horn to us for repair, we can apply a thin layer of silicone inside the octave well and cap, which will help repel water. This technique has seemed to help others in […]

Repair Tips: Tight Tenons

This summer has been exceptionally humid, especially in the upper Midwest, which leads to the swelling of wood. If you play oboe, bassoon, clarinet, or other wooden instrument, you may be experiencing tight tenons (where the joints fit together). If your tenons reveal slight friction when assembling your instrument, but come apart when you are […]

Repair Tips: Stuck Swab

Remember to swab out your oboe after every playing session! Always check a pull-through swab for knots before sending through the instrument. The slightest knot in the silk or string can be enough to get the swab stuck near the crown (inside the top of the oboe). If a swab seems to be stuck, but […]

Repair Tips: Plastic Instruments and Cork Grease

 “If your oboe or clarinet is plastic, I would recommend using paraffin wax instead of cork grease.  Cork grease makes it difficult to line up the bridge keys between the joints because it increases the friction between the cork/plastic relationship, whereas paraffin wax creates a smooth, “gliding” between the cork and plastic sockets.  It seems […]


Repair Services

Repair Services at Midwest Musical Imports We are pleased to offer repair services for musical instruments. Midwest Musical Imports employs two full-time repair technicians. We will do our best to turn around smaller repairs quickly.  If you have an emergency repair, please call us at (800) 926-5587 for time, cost, and availability of rush services. For […]

Dear Midwest, I just received my oboe and English horn back from you all in the mail, and of course couldn’t wait to get some reeds out and play them. All I can say over and over... read more >