Our Bassoon Reeds

Unlike your local music store, MMI carries mostly hand-made bassoon reeds, made by bassoonists that test and finish each one to their precise specifications. We select reed makers that provide a reed that we think is something our customers will enjoy playing on and will give good results to beginners and advanced players alike. Because […]


Beveling the bassoon reed, one method

There are many ways to make and adjust a bassoon reed. The proper method of adjustment can vary depending on your shape, profile, forming method, cane density, wire measurements, and even which tools you use. Explore many different reed making styles and adjustment techniques and you’ll continually develop your own personal style. In an attempt […]


Shaping Bassoon Cane – Two Methods

Bassoon specialist Trent Jacobs demonstrates how to shape bassoon cane using either a Fox style straight shaper or a Rieger style folding shaper. Everything shown in the video is available for sale in our online store.


Great Tips for Bassoon Reed Balancing and Adjusting

Jessica and I have long been fans of Christian Davidsson’s really simple reed balancing guide. Before you get to the finer details of the scraping points of the guide, if you’re using Gouged, Shaped, and Profiled cane, the first thing you probably need to do is crape out of what Christian labels (18) on the […]


Humidification of Woodwinds In Dry Weather

With winter months upon us, a concern with many woodwind players is keeping their instrument properly maintained in dry weather. This is especially important for wood oboes, the instrument most prone to cracking in extreme conditions. Clarinets are less prone to cracking, and bassoons almost never do, and plastic instrument will never crack due to […]


Bassoon Keywork Options

The bassoon, possibly more than any other instrument, has a huge selection of possible key options.  Determining the differences between some similar keys, or if you need a particular option, can be a daunting task.  Here I will attempt to break down the most popular options for Heckel and Fox bassoons.  Some keys conflict with […]

Heckel Bocal Information

Changing bocals can make a dramatic difference on any bassoon.  Many acoustic problems can be minimized or solved with the correct type of bocal.  Heckel is one of the lead suppliers of bassoon bocals in the world.  They offer many different types to suit each player’s style and set-up. (Click here for information on Puchner […]

"I just want to thank you for the repair you made recently to a Fox oboe for my daughter at New England Music Camp. Everything went exactly as you said it would - the repair, the s... read more >