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How to Buy a Used Oboe

When it comes time to purchase an oboe, upgrade from your student model, or just find a back-up for your main instrument, buying a brand new oboe may not be financially feasible. We certainly understand the constraints attached to purchasing an instrument and we are proud to offer a wide selection of used oboes in all […]

Choosing an Instrument – Tips for Picking the Right One

July 21st, 2014 by

Choosing the Right InstrumentThe staff at Midwest Musical Imports has extensive experience performing and teaching on our respective instruments, in addition to the sales we do every day. We want you to make an informed decision and purchase an instrument that will serve you well for years  We hope that these guide will give you a more clear picture of what we have to offer as you seek the right instrument for you. We are always happy to speak with you over the phone, so please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-926-5587. Click the appropriate link below for you instrument family so you can get started on your research.

Choosing the right Oboe or English Horn

Choosing the right Bassoon

Choosing the right Clarinet

Choosing the right Saxophone

An Automatic Ab/Bb Trill Mechanism Retrofit

July 21st, 2014 by

Cross posted from Trent’s personal blog. Repair tech Eric Anderson and bassoon specialist Trent Jacobs team up again for more creative bassoon keywork ideas.
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IDRS 2014 New York University Steinhardt

July 14th, 2014 by

Come visit us at our booth at the IDRS conference August 5-9 at New York University Steinhardt. We will have many instruments, bocals, cane, reed making supplies, and of course our knowledgeable expert staff of instrument specialists to guide your purchase.



Now Hiring: Woodwind Repair Technician

July 9th, 2014 by

Midwest Musical Imports is looking for a full-time double reed repair technician for our growing repair department. Applicants should be experienced in all aspects of woodwind repair, preferably with a focus on oboe and bassoon repairs. We pride ourselves on quality repairs—we are not a production shop. Instruments we repair include: oboes, English horns, bassoons, contrabassoons, clarinets, flutes and saxophones. Our clientele includes beginning players, schools, college professors, and symphonic professionals.

Qualified candidates should be a graduate of a band instrument repair course and have a basic knowledge/skill to different types of padding, adhesion, key fitting, dent and tenon work. Preferred skills include body cracks and tenon replacement, but on-site training for these is available. Other necessary skills include: machine tool operations, soldering/brazing, and understanding of levers, spring, hinges and threaded adjustments.

Benefits include: competitive pay, bonuses, paid vacation, paid holidays, retirement plan, generous employee discounts, paid NAPBIRT dues and ongoing educational classes (including attending NAPBIRT conferences and meeting with woodwind manufacturers.)

Pay is commensurate with experience. This is an hourly position. Hours are: Monday—Friday 9-5, with an occasional Saturday shift. Schedule may be flexible. Location is in Minneapolis, MN.

Please send a resume and cover letter via email to: Jessica@mmimports.com Position is open until filled.

Chasing the Perfect Reed – Nordic Woodwind Encounter

July 9th, 2014 by

Our friends at Puchner produced a wonderful and hilarious silent film as a birthday present for bassoonist Magnus Nilsson. We think you’ll enjoy it. Please be aware there is some course language (as there often is when trying to make a reed).

And we wanted to let you know more details about the masterclass festival mentioned at the end of the video: the Nordic Woodwind Encounter. Double reed clinicians include Jonathan Small (oboe), Stefano Canuti and Magnus Nilsson (bassoon). This would be a wonderful opportunity to play and study great music with wonderful international musicians in Sweden. For more information visit www.nordicwoodwind.se or click here to view the PDF flyer.

July 4th, 2014 Holiday Hours & Free Shipping

June 30th, 2014 by

Need accessories?  Cane?  Music?  Now’s the time to get it!  We’re offering Free shipping on all online domestic accessory orders!  Starting Thursday at 5pm, we’ll be offering free shipping to all online orders placed between thursday evening and monday morning.

July 2014 Holiday Hours -

Friday July 4th – closed

Saturday July 5th – closed

Sunday July 6th – closed

Normal business hours will resume on Monday morning, July 7th at 9am central time.

Introducing the Lorée-Cabart Oboe & English Horn

June 11th, 2014 by

We’re pleased to offer the Lorée-Cabart instruments here at Midwest Musical Imports – Including both the Cabart Oboe and the new English horn! Looking for your first English horn on a budget then we highly recommend the Lorée-Cabart. A mostly full conservatory instrument, it is all grenadilla  and includes a Lorée 2H bocal, case and case cover. These are beautiful instruments and certainly worth trying!  The oboes have long been an affordable option for students and amateurs alike!  Call for current price and availability.

About the Cabart Firm -

Founded in 1893, Cabart became part of the de Gourdon company in 1974. Cabart is the stamp of well-made student oboes and English horns with close tolerances, key-fitting, and cork pads throughout the instruments. Because of their high standard of manufacture combined with precise and stable tuning, Cabart is, very often, the most promising student choice.

Extending the Life of Your Bassoon Reed

June 11th, 2014 by

Merz-bassoon-reedBassoon reeds are expensive, either in terms of cost of buying a hand-made reed or in your own time for making your own. If you buy hand made reeds you are paying for not just the raw materials, but the years of experience of learning to make a good reed, and the time if takes to make that individual reed. If you make your own, you know how much effort and skill (and a bit of luck) goes into making a good reed. So naturally you want them to last as long as possible. Here are some really simple guidelines for extending the potential playing life of a bassoon reed.

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Oboe Summer Goals

June 10th, 2014 by

Oboe Summer Goals

Not going to a festival or studying privately, but want to up your musical game between the summer months?  What can you do on your own to improve your playing?  Grab a tuner, metronome, and one of these methods!  Challenge yourself with my picks for the top oboe method books for practice and self-teaching:

Barret Oboe Method- These progressive etudes have an opera aria influence, and chiefly are used for studying musicality.  Valuable technique studies are also included in this method.  There is a version edited by Martin Schuring, which is much easier to read; it is missing some prose discussing oboe basics, including breathing and articulation.

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Heckel Bocals – New Selection and Specials

May 22nd, 2014 by

Heckel Bocals - New Selection and Specials

Select NEW Heckel bocals are now on special for only $900! These are 100% new A-stock bocals, but in order to encourage you to try something a little different, we’re putting some individual bocals on special. Here’s a full list:

C1Rn (H60) C1s (H56) C2Rs (H59) CC1n (H70) CC1Rs (H71) CC2Rs (H79) CD1n (H65) CD1s (H44) CC1XLn (H69, & H82) CC2XLn (H88) VCC1n (H43) VCC1Rs (H18) VCC1s (H46) VCC2n (H90 & H94) All VCD1 bocals!

Our normal trial policy applies, and shipping rates are not included in this special.

Additionally, we just received a new shipment of Heckel bocals (regular price $1075) and have even more coming by the end of the month. Call for details on what types we have available and for our bassoon specialists to help guide you through a selection process.

We have started keeping straight bend bocals in the most popular bore and metal designs for Heckel, Fox, and Puchner bassoon bocals in our inventory. We are also making Heckel contrabassoon bocals more readily available.

Call Trent or Jessica at 1-800-926-5587 to set up a trial today!

Now hiring: Repair Technician

Dear Midwest, I just received my oboe and English horn back from you all in the mail, and of course couldn’t wait to get some reeds out and play them. All I can say over and over... read more >