Oboe Summer Goals

June 10th, 2014 by

Oboe Summer Goals

Not going to a festival or studying privately, but want to up your musical game between the summer months?  What can you do on your own to improve your playing?  Grab a tuner, metronome, and one of these methods!  Challenge yourself with my picks for the top oboe method books for practice and self-teaching:

Barret Oboe Method– These progressive etudes have an opera aria influence, and chiefly are used for studying musicality.  Valuable technique studies are also included in this method.  There is a version edited by Martin Schuring, which is much easier to read; it is missing some prose discussing oboe basics, including breathing and articulation.

Ferling 48 Studies– A classic of the oboe etude world, the Ferling studies feature alternating fast/slow etudes in all keys. An excellent choice for improving technique and musicality.

Vade Mecum– Compiled by Albert Andraud, this large book contains various scale/arpeggio exercises and progressive etudes from a variety of pedagogues, including Barret and Ferling.  There are also many orchestral excerpts for oboe  and English horn.

Basic Technique by Jack Snavely– Originally for saxophone, these scale studies work perfectly on oboe, as the instruments have similar ranges. This is a serious scale book, including all major/minor scales as well as a variety of chordal patterns in each key. This book paired with a metronome will move your technique to a whole new level.

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