Heckel Bocals – New Selection and Specials

May 22nd, 2014 by

Heckel Bocals - New Selection and Specials

Select NEW Heckel bocals are now on special for only $900! These are 100% new A-stock bocals, but in order to encourage you to try something a little different, we’re putting some individual bocals on special. Here’s a full list:

C1Rn (H60) C1s (H56) C2Rs (H59) CC1n (H70) CC1Rs (H71) CC2Rs (H79) CD1n (H65) CD1s (H44) CC1XLn (H69, & H82) CC2XLn (H88) VCC1n (H43) VCC1Rs (H18) VCC1s (H46) VCC2n (H90 & H94) All VCD1 bocals!

Our normal trial policy applies, and shipping rates are not included in this special.

Additionally, we just received a new shipment of Heckel bocals (regular price $1075) and have even more coming by the end of the month. Call for details on what types we have available and for our bassoon specialists to help guide you through a selection process.

We have started keeping straight bend bocals in the most popular bore and metal designs for Heckel, Fox, and Puchner bassoon bocals in our inventory. We are also making Heckel contrabassoon bocals more readily available.

Call Trent or Jessica at 1-800-926-5587 to set up a trial today!

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