Heckel Bocals – New Selection and Specials

May 22nd, 2014 by Trent

Heckel Bocals - New Selection and Specials

Select NEW Heckel bocals are now on special for only $900! These are 100% new A-stock bocals, but in order to encourage you to try something a little different, we’re putting some individual bocals on special. Here’s a full list:

C1Rn (H60) C1s (H56) C2Rs (H59) CC1n (H70) CC1Rs (H71) CC2Rs (H79) CD1n (H65) CD1s (H44) CC1XLn (H69, & H82) CC2XLn (H88) VCC1n (H43) VCC1Rs (H18) VCC1s (H46) VCC2n (H90 & H94) All VCD1 bocals!

Our normal trial policy applies, and shipping rates are not included in this special.

Additionally, we just received a new shipment of Heckel bocals (regular price $1075) and have even more coming by the end of the month. Call for details on what types we have available and for our bassoon specialists to help guide you through a selection process.

We have started keeping straight bend bocals in the most popular bore and metal designs for Heckel, Fox, and Puchner bassoon bocals in our inventory. We are also making Heckel contrabassoon bocals more readily available.

Call Trent or Jessica at 1-800-926-5587 to set up a trial today!

Memorial Day Savings – Free Shipping!

May 21st, 2014 by Jeff

In honor of the upcoming holiday weekend, we’re pleased to offer FREE SHIPPING on all domestic Web and Phone accessory orders starting Friday May 23rd through Monday May 26th.  Now is the time to stock up on all of your accessories just before summer!  Visit our webstore or give us a call at 800.926.5587 starting on Friday and we’ll get your order shipped for free!

Memorial Day 2014 Hours –

Saturday May 24th  – CLOSED

Monday May 26th – CLOSED

Tuesday May 27th – Normal Business hours resume at 9am central time

Saxophone Camps at Shell Lake Arts Center

May 13th, 2014 by Brandon

Shell Lake Arts Center Graphic

At Saxophone Summer at the Shell Lake Arts Center, there’s 7 great weeks of playing and studying to choose from, with 19 saxophone faculty artists from classical to jazz.  Shell Lake contact info listed at bottom of post. Read the rest of this entry »

Orchestral Duets for Play Testing and Fun

May 12th, 2014 by Trent

Orchestral Duets for Play Testing and Fun

Whenever I have clients trying new instruments or related equipment, I’m often asked what musical material is good to use as testing passages. For bassoonists I often suggest playing duets from within the orchestral repertoire with the clarinet. Because the instruments have such different tonal characters and tendencies, it can be very revealing if your new bocal, mouthpiece, or instrument, is really giving you the ability to blend, play in tune, and come out of the texture as you need. Two bassoons have the same tendencies and can tend to blend well together, so it’s a less revealing pairing to test with. Since the bassoon and clarinet traditionally sit next to each other in the orchestra, it’s the most logical pairing compared to oboe or flute. Read the rest of this entry »

What to Know When Purchasing an Oboe

May 12th, 2014 by Steven

Marigaux 901 Oboe

Thinking about purchasing a new or used oboe? Here’s a helpful guide to what to look for when shopping for that perfect oboe for you.


Wood is the typical material to make an oboe, with Grenadilla at the top of the list. More exotic, such as Cocobolo, Rosewood, and Violetwood are occasionally used for their sweeter tone; however, these woods are more expensive and are more prone to cracking than Grenadilla. Plastic is also an alternative to a wood instrument, having the advantage of being nearly impossible to crack. Some professionals will have an additional plastic top joint for outdoor concerts. Keys are cast or forged in copper or nickel and then electro-plated with silver, gold, or other precious metals.
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Fox Oboe Special

May 8th, 2014 by Jeff

Looking for a Fox oboe?  We’re pleased to offer special pricing on all Fox model instruments!  You can now save $200 on all Fox oboes from the 333 Protege model through the Fox 800 professional model.  Call Jeff or Steven in the shop at 800.926.5587 about trial information and availability.  We can send up to any 3 oboes on a trial at one time – now is the time to try and buy your Fox oboe!

The Benefits of Playing a Music

May 8th, 2014 by Jessica


Whether you’re into Beethoven, Bechet or Bowie, the benefits of playing a musical instrument are unending. Although some of these benefits are common knowledge, many are things you might not be aware of, even if you’re already a musician. Here is a list of just some of them:

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Identifying Your Plastic Model Fox Bassoon

May 7th, 2014 by Trent

Fox bassoons can sometimes be difficult to identify by sight. With so many models, and with historically sparse labeling, it can be tricky to know exactly what you have in front of you. Some keywork options can make different models initially appear the same, so you can’t go with some of the more obvious features (like, high D key, for instance). With the plastic bassoons it can be easy to identify the model if you know what to look for. Read the rest of this entry »

4 Reasons Music is Good for Your Health

May 6th, 2014 by Jessica


Whether you’re the person behind the instrument or you’re listening to it through your earbuds, science supports the long-believed fact that music is good for more than the soul. A good song has the ability to add fun to even the most mundane workout and creating that song can relieve stress and improve cognitive function. Here are five clear health reasons you should make music a part of your everyday life.

Listening to Music Motivates You to Exercise

After determining that people tended to choose the least strenuous cadence while walking or running, researchers studied the effect music could have on altering that cadence. The study found that, by using the correct type of music, exercisers could trick the brain into overcoming that automatic cadence and work harder. There’s even an app for that. With Cruise Control: Run, runners can challenge themselves by picking up the pace using their own playlists. Whether someone uses an app or just runs a favorite playlist, listening to music makes working out more fun, which is a motivator in itself.
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Thank you MMI for all the knowledge, care and wonderful service you have provided for so many of us over the years! You are an invaluable resource for musicians everywhere!