IDRS 2013 Interview – Renaud Patalowski from Marigaux oboes

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Oboe specialist Jeff Marshak had the opportunity to interview Renaud Patalowski from Marigaux at the 2013 IDRS conference in Redlands, California. We’re very happy to carry Marigaux oboes. For more information on Marigaux oboes call or email Jeff or Steven.

Video Transcript:

Jeff: “Hi guys, Jeff Marshak, one of your oboe specialist with Midwest Musical Imports, here the 2013 IDRS conference.  I’m here with Renaux Palowski and Jean Marc of Marigaux. Thank you, first of all, for taking the time to meet with us today.  We’re please to be carrying Marigaux’s oboes again after a while, and our customers would like to know a little bit more about Marigaux.  So what is it that you pride yourself in as a firm of one of the world’s leading oboe makers?”

 Renaux: “So, Marigaux was created in Paris in the 1930s.  So it’s a company which has been building musical instruments, oboes and also clarinets, flutes at the beginning, and even saxophones, for many decades.  Now we are only concentrating on the family of the oboes.  As you just said, it’s a brand which is played by mostly professionals in every part of the world.  We are very proud of that.  We have musicians from very famous orchestras from Paris, in Sydney Australia, in Tokyo, in Los Angeles, in South America.  It’s a very famous brand, and I would bet that every oboist in the world knows Marigaux.”

 Jeff: “Can you tell us a little bit about the history of Marigaux?  How you developed the instruments that you’re playing today?”

Renaux: “The instrument that is the most famous of them all is called the 901.  It’s the standard Marigaux, it’s the one which was the origin of everything.  Now we have a range which is his brother, the 2001.  The 2001, is for instance, is played by Peter Cooper, who is normally here at IDRS with us.  We have created a very innovative oboe, which is the M2, which was launched in 2004, so almost 10 years ago, and it’s a very successful oboe.  We’ve very proud to be the only maker in the world to make such an oboe.”

Jeff: “You were telling us the other night at dinner a little bit about the success of the Marigaux oboes around the world, and how a lot of competitions across the country actually, most if not all the finalist, including the Gillet competition this year, four of the five finalist were Marigaux players.  What would you say attributes to the success of the Marigaux oboes?  What do you think makes it stand out from the many oboes that are on the market today?”

 Renaux: “First, just to take your sentence, it’s true that we have been proud and lucky that among the prestigious competitions around the world, we always have many Marigaux players in the finals and many Marigaux players winning the competition.  The best example is today, we just learned that Lin Shing, who is a Chinese musician, has just won the Gillet competition with a Marigaux M2, the oboe I just mentioned.  So if you take the various competitions which exist around the world, famous ones like the Sony in Japan, you had like five or six finalist who were all Marigaux players.  You had a very famous competition in Switzerland in Muri, which just took place a few months ago, all the finalist were Marigaux players.  We are very proud.”

“I would never say, and nobody on the team would say that these are good musicians because they play Marigaux.  But I think that they rely on Marigaux to be good artist.  They like what the instruments provide.  I think they like what we try to bring to them.  Marigaux is a very small company.  I feel that every player who plays a Marigaux is part of the family.  And if the musician who play the instruments feel that way, then we are very happy about it.  I think it’s a success.  This is what we are looking for.”

Jeff: “Well, thank you Renaux. I really appreciate it, and Jean Marc, thank you for taking the time. We’re pleased to be part of the Marigaux family once again at Midwest, and enjoy what’s left of the conference.  Thanks guys.”

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