Wolf bassoons

April 12th, 2013 by

For a limited time, we’re offering a discount on our regular price on the Wolf S2000 and S2000+ bassoons.* Call us to set up a trial and see what the buzz is about on these fantastic German-made instruments.

The manufacture of bassoons is rooted in “old-world” tradition. With the Wolf bassoon, tradition meets modern innovation. The wood is carefully selected for its resonant qualities, the acoustics designed with the most state-of-the-art computer modeling and real-world testing, and the keywork carefully designed to be ergonomic, quiet, and smooth.

The result is a fantastic professional or semi-professional instrument at a very competitive price.

At Midwest Musical Imports we have two models to select from. The S2000 and the S2000+ in mountain maple. The standard model S2000 has the features you expect on a semi-professional bassoon: 7 rollers, silver plated mechanism up to high E, left hand whisper lock, ebonite water tubes that extend into the bore, and a durable and attractive matte lacquer. It also comes in a custom backpack case called the “Lupobag.”

The Plus model has the above features with the addition of nylon washers in the long rods to eliminate noisy mechanism developing over time or sluggish mechanism due to the need for key oil. The wood is specially selected flamed mountain maple and given a special resonance treatment and a unique finish that brings out the natural pattern and color of the wood. You can select from our collection of Wolf bocals, including the special Grundmann bend bocals.

The Lupobag

S2000+ bassoon


*limited to instruments in-stock, regular trial procedures apply

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I definitely plan to send my oboe to the repair techs at MMI in the future. I don't think my oboe has played this well since I've purchased it!