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New Products for 2013!

Here at Midwest Musical Imports we pride ourselves on keeping a full stock of the highest quality double reed and woodwind products!  We’re constantly updating and adding new products to our inventory and what better way than to get acquainted with our products than with a New Product Spotlight page!  As always we keep our webstore up-to-date with all of our products on a daily basis.

Products by Reeds N’ Stuff –

We’re now extremely pleased to welcome Reeds N’ Stuff products to our growing list of double reed supplies!

Double-Hollow Ground ‘Herder’ Style reed knives-


Hand crafted by machinists in Germany, these double-hollow ground reeds knives are just like the Philadelphia Herder knives.  For those who like a knife that’s weighted on the lighter side, these knives are perfect for the fine detailing required in the finishing work of any reeds.


Hygro 20 Oboe Reed Case –


The Hygrocases are perfect for maintaining humidity for your oboe reeds, especially in the cold dry winter months!  The hygrometer rests on a moistened sponge inside the case which will give you an accurate reading of what the humidity is inside the case.  These reed cases are extremely well made and very durable.  This version holds 20 oboe reeds.



Reeds N’ Stuff Oboe Gouging Machine –


The original Reeds N’ Stuff oboe gouging machine has arrived!  This ingenious machine is unique in that it has a circular blade instead of the standard elliptical blade.  The blade has three sharp edges and as the blade dulls, you simply rotate it to another sharp edge and you’re back to a sharp blade!  Very easy to use, the thickness of the gouge is adjusted by sliding the bed of the machine left or right and the ‘chip’ thickness (the cane coming off the gouge) is adjusted with a simple allen wrench adjustment.  No muss, no fuss!  We sell the machine with a traditional 11 millimeter bed and shoe.


Reeds N’ Stuff Oboe Pregouging Machine –


Looking to save the life of your gouger blade?  The Reeds N’ stuff pregouger is an excellent way to not only prolong the life of your gouging machine blade but saves time in pre-gouging your cane!  This hand device comes with a standard 11 millimeter bed.



Portable Bassoon Stand –


Hey Bassoonists, think we forgot about you?  This extremely light-weight, portable bassoon stand is perfect for traveling and gigging on the go.  This stand is collapsible and will certainly fit in most case covers or gig bags.  Similar to the Fox Bassoon stand but comes in one solid piece.




Diaz-Symer English horn Shaper Tip –

Pedro EH Tip

We’re certainly pleased to welcome the Diaz/Symer English horn Shaper Tip!  According to Mr. Diaz, the tip is a medium range shape which rests somewhere between the Giacobassi and the Gilbert -1 shapes.  It has a full-bodied tone with a high register that sits up in pitch, something all English horn players are searching for!




Looking for a new English horn Reed Case?  We now stock hand-made, leather finished reed cases in 3, 6, and 12 reeds!



Chudnow A Brass English horn staples –


These ingenious English horn staples by Mark Chudnow are a handy tool for any English horn player at any level!  The come set with an adjustable ‘O-ring’ which eliminates the need for an tubing at the bottom of the staple!  The O-ring screws around the bocal creating a tight seal and sets the staple firmly in place on the bocal.  They are extremely consistent and yield a full, rich sound.  Certainly worth having in your arsenal of staples for your next English horn performance!


Double Hollow-Ground Reed Knives by Chiarugi –


These double hollow ground reeds knives are superbly made and extremely attractive with two handle choices; either Rosewood or Cocobolo.  The steel on these knives is slightly harder than the Rigotti DHG knives and are very easy to sharpen and work with.  They have a great weight and sit very comfortably in the hand.  Perfect knife for detailed work in the tip or finishing!


Products by Medir –

 We were more than happy to welcome Medir oboe & bassoon cane to our cane selections last month and now we’re even more pleased to add a variety of products to our single and double reed accessory list!

Gouged and Shaped Oboe cane by Medir –


When gouging and shaping isn’t an option for you or you’re a student still finding your way in the reed-making world, high-quality gouged and shaped cane is extremely important.  Medir gouged and shaped oboe cane is a great addition to our selection of pre-processed cane.  With a darker golden color, Medir cane from the Catalonia region of Spain yields reeds which are full and rich in sound.

Clarinet, Alto, and Tenor Saxophone Reed Cases –


These stylish new reeds cases are perfect for your clarinet or saxophone reeds!  Made from high quality wood, this cases have a glass backing that your reeds rest on and are held in place firmly by an elastic band.  These cases also have the necessary vent holes to ensure your reeds will get the air they need when it comes time to dry out! Each case holds 6 single reeds.


Utility knives and hobby blades –

For bassoonists and oboists alike, for shaping, trimming, or splitting cane, we now offer a high quality utility knife and the always popular “X-Acto” style hobby knife. The larger utility knife folds up for safe storage and comes with several standard 2-notch blades. The small hobby knife accepts any standard #11 hobby blade.

New Brass Wire gauges –

We’ve expanded the wire selection to include two thinner gauges of brass wire. We have 23 gauge wire available in 1/4 lb or 1lb spools, and the really light 24 gauge wire in 1/4lb spools. Using these thinner gauges as your first wire can free up the vibrations of your reeds.

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