August 9th, 2012 by Trent

The staff at Midwest Musical Imports and the digital agency ArcStone have been working hard for the last several months to put together the best shopping experience and knowledge base for woodwind players of all stripes. You’re looking at the best online site in the double reed world, right here!

The shopping cart software is completely new, so you will have to create a new customer account the first time you place an order. Don’t worry though, if you have questions about what you’ve ordered in the past you can always call us and we can look up your order history going back at least two years. Please take advantage of our new image features, submit product reviews, add items to your wishlist, and of course order what you need through our secure checkout.

If you have any ideas for things we could add to our informational resources section or repair blog, please contact us and we’ll make that a priority. We want this to be your one-stop place to learn and purchase. We’ll be adding videos and tutorials on reed making, knife sharpening, instrument care, and proper way to use many of the products you’ll find here.

Because it’s still new, we’re sure there are bugs to work out, errors, typos, and the occasional odd glitch. If you run across something that seems a little off (a picture of a clarinet where there should be an oboe swab, or a product that you can’t seem to purchase) please contact us – we appreciate it!

Top left to bottom right: Jeff (oboe), Eric (repair), Brandon (single reeds), Matt (repair), Steven (oboe), Jessica (bassoon), Trent (bassoon)


Clarinet Rental

August 2nd, 2012 by Brandon

Midwest Musical Imports rents instruments for professionals as well as beginners. The length of the rental period can vary from a few days to a year or more.

No hidden fees! All of the rental rates listed  include routine maintenance due to normal wear and tear of the instrument. (Abuse /neglect is not covered.)

If you would like to rent an instrument, please call 1-800-926-5587 or email for availability and further details.

I recently purchased a Buffet R13 from Midwest Musical Imports. The entire process was incredible. Clarinet specialist, Tori Okwabi, was so professional and thorough throughout eve... read more >